What I am about to share with you may sound terrifying + overwhelming...

But I will also share tips on how to make it more bite sized and palatable too. (I got you, beauty).

To me one of the saddest things I could ever know about you gorgeous, is that you have an unsung song in your heart. Words that you have never expressed. Dreams that you have never shared.

A masterpiece hidden inside of you, that has yet to see the light of day. With every OUNCE of my being beauty, I literally feel like pleading and begging with you, to not let your dreams die inside of you.

If only you knew what was waiting for you on the other side of these 5 steps, you would be giving up sleep over getting them each conquered! Maybe even chocolate, massages, and shopping too!

It's bliss, beauty. It’s exhilaration. Fulfillment. Passion. Fully charged heart and soul satisfaction. Self-love, empowerment and purpose. A colorful, meaningful, and limitless life.

Disclaimer - these steps aren't easy. They are designed to separate the women from the girls. The budding Ladybosses from the toe dippers. They are meant to discern who REALLY wants this and is COMMITTED, and who is just interested. 


1) Unlock Your Purpose - we can start on our journeys with a foggy vision of what inspires us, that is enough to get started for sure. But it is not enough to sustain us for long. Starting a business is like birthing a child (so I've been told), in the beginning there are long hours, a lot of energy exertion, sweat, tears, and frustration. If you don't have a strong grasp on WHY you are doing this, you will give up. Build yourself a strong foundation of purpose and meaning, and the idea of "quitting" won't ever even enter your mind.

2) Dethrone Your Ego - when you start giving more power to your heart's direction than your ego's, it will raise it's voice and try to deter you. It will bring to the forefront all of your fears and insecurities, pulling out all the stops to get you to shrink back to your old self. Ego fears for it's life force if you are no longer succumbing to it's power over your life. Here is a little known fact; if your fear voices are growing louder and louder, it's not because you are on the wrong track - it's because you are on the right one.

3) Move Heaven and Earth - Whatever. It. Takes. Whatever is going to move you forward with your dream, no matter what ego/fear says, you MUST do it. Take the workshop that’s only offered out of town, even out of the country if you have to. Find a sitter for two hours a week so you can focus on your dream, and work 100% feverishly in those two hours. Give up the Bachelor if you have to. Stay up an hour later or wake up an hour earlier. Take one less shift at work, or stay in one night on the weekend. INVEST IN YOURSELF. If you ever want people to invest in you, you must invest in yourself first. If you do not see the value in investing in you, no one else will either. All of the freebies you see online are designed to draw you in to the bigger paid programs…they are not designed to help you build your dream in full. Hire that coach, get that babysitter, find a house cleaner to come 1-2 times a month so you can build your dream instead of cleaning toilets. FIND. A. WAY. Remember - you are being tested. Do you REALLY want this, or are you just interested? The more committed you are, the more creative you'll get!

4) Leap of Faith - the best piece of advice I was given when I was leaving my deskjob for my dream job? Jump and the net will appear. And it did. And it does. Time and time again. I am not even afraid to take any leaps and jumps anymore, I just know the net will be there. It always has been. And I've grown my wings now. We are not shown steps 4,5,6 until we have taken steps 1,2 and 3. So you might feel like you are taking a "leap of faith" just by taking steps 1,2 and 3…but the truth is, when you are ready, the "net" is steps 4,5, and 6 appearing, right on time, every time. This is about trust. Trust you are being supported, every step of the way. You are.

5) Rise into the Realm of Limitless Possibility - Start unmasking the truth. The truth is that your fears have all been an illusion designed by your ego in order to keep you still, safe, small, and stuck. They were never real. A mirage. The truth? The truth is that you are a child of the most high God, one with the Universe, you are as limitless as you choose to be and to create. It's time you remember, you have wings.

The ultimate truth is that you were born to fly…

So tell me beauty, when you get to the end of your time here, which life will you have lived? Will you have stared fear in the face, spread your wings, and soared into fulfillment, passion, and happiness?

Or will you have let another week go by. Another month. Another year…

Tell me gorgeous, what is the first step you will take towards fully expressing the life of your dreams? Seriously, I'd love to know! No matter how small, I will celebrate it with you! I'll even provide helpful feedback if I can J Simply click "reply" to email me, or post in the comments section on facebook!

Until then my beautiful soul sister…

Follow Your Heart Always,