Do you ever get these too, beauty?


When you’re falling asleep at night, or first coming out of sleep in the morning - or maybe in the shower, during a workout, or on your run…


I’m talking about those beautiful “downloads” that come to us so randomly, when we least expect them. Almost as though we are receiving advice from outside of ourselves.


I believe, we are.


This morning I had one. It was a personal message for me to pay attention to - but I’ve realized I may not be the only one with this ingrained mentality that clearly warranted divine intervention. 


I felt like I was waking up mid-monologue from my higher self, but from what I could remember, it went something like this;


“You have a belief that things can only be one way or the other.


That if you have this, you can’t have that.


That if you have success, it must come at great expense.


That if you are happy in your professional life, you have started neglecting your personal life…


That if you are happy in your personal life, you have taken your foot off the gas of your professional life."


Have you ever felt this way, gorgeous? Like maybe one minute you are rockin’ your health routine and feeling awesome, the next you decided to make a life change, like becoming a mom, starting a new business, or even going on a trip - and your health has taken a total backseat?


Or that, in order to run your own business, you must give of all of your time, money, resources, and self, in order to find any success?




Maybe you’ve noticed these patterns in your own life, beauty - where you go all in, or all out.





Maybe it’s in your self-care -  like going to the gym, proper nourishment, or yoga classes - or maybe it’s in seeing your friends…


For me I’ve seen it in a few different areas of my life - personal, business, even relationships


•   I spent a year growing my previous photography business like crazy, and barely saw my friends. I missed out on what could have been incredible memories made with them.


•   I spent a year getting into the best shape of my life, and started paying less attention to my photography business.


•   I worked intently on personal growth and self-care, and realized I hadn’t been putting as much conscious effort into my marriage.


And I’ve been the opposite extreme of all these things, too.


Why would I do this to myself?


Because, as my inner guide so graciously brought forward into my awareness this morning; I have a subconscious belief that I can’t have my cake, and eat it too.


Often one area of success in my life, has to come at the cost of weakening another.


And there is no reason for it, other than I believe it to be true.


Consciously I “know” better than this - but actions speak louder than words - and if I look at the repeating patterns of my life in hindsight - I know this message was exactly what I needed to hear, at exactly the right time.


The voice went on to say;


-    “You can have both, Jen. Ask for both! Expect BOTH!”

-    “You can be BOTH personally happy AND professionally happy!”

-    “You can be a fit + healthy version of you AND have a thriving business!”

-    “You can travel the world, grow, learn, expand, AND have your credit card paid off!”

-    “You can have FUN every day!!! It doesn't have to be all work or all play!”


Beautiful  - we’re meant to have our cake AND eat it too.


OF COURSE WE ARE - what the heck else is cake for?! Looking at?!!!


OHHH MYYY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The gray area!!!


BOTH instead of one or the other!!!!


YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Can I get an amen!!!


Honestly though - am I alone on this?


Let’s make a promise to each other today - to infuse more joy into our present day life - as we continue to grow ourselves in the direction of our dreams.


One way I like to do this, is to ask myself;


•       How can I infuse a little fun into my day today?

•       What would raise my energy to do in the next 5 minutes?  (turn your favourite new song up! Go for a quick walk around the block, listen to 5 minutes of something/someone that inspires you, read your favourite book, get your blood pumping with dancing around the house, skipping, burpees etc.)

•       Where have I been selling myself short/neglecting myself – what’s one small thing I could do to begin shifting that today?

•       What areas or people in my life could use some love from me? (Arrange a coffee date, walk, or send a thoughtful text, fb message, or card in the mail!)

•       What is the most joyful way to grow my business - what do I love doing?! Is it time I hire support to help with the rest?



Beauty - I have no idea if this message resonates with you as well, but I felt really called to share it with you today.


Something tells me, it wasn’t just meant for me.


If nothing else, remember beauty - do what it takes to reach the highest vibe version of you possible. Not because it’s selfish, but because this is the version of you the world needs.


We love you, and we want you to have it all!


You deserve nothing less…


Follow Your Heart Always,



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