I gotta tell you gorgeous, I’m feeling a lot higher vibe than I have in the last little while - and I’ve been trying to formulate how this has happened for me, so I can pass this amazing feeling on to you!!

The back story;

I was so high on life the first 6 months of my new business, I remember one morning waking up at 4:30am (so not a morning person) and being too excited to start my day to go back to sleep - and there was nothing special happening that day - I just loved my life so much I didn’t want to sleep through it. ( Sounds crazy I know - I never would have believed that feeling was possible for me, until I experienced it myself! )

I’m talking, a 6 year old waking up on Christmas morning level of excitement!

Truth be told, I didn’t feel like this every single day, but in those 6 months I was definitely happier than I have ever been in my entire life.


Because I have never felt so in alignment before. So on purpose.

I didn’t even know this feeling existed, to be honest!

Like I had finally opened the gift of what my life is really about, and even more fired up to share it with the world!!!!!! So that as many people as possible can experience this exact deep inner sense of fulfilment, joy, and passion in their own life!!

But - six months in, I hit a wall.

There was a ton of travelling going on (which is awesome, but my inner clock was all over the place - from California to Bali to Paris to Canada - my body never knew when it was time to be awake or asleep!)

I was also launching my live online Dream Starter Program - which turned out to be a lot more back end work than I could even fathom at the time!

And I was in a state of confusion in my personal life as well.



With the lack of sleep, added stress, and personal upheaval - my mind/ego/inner critic was having a hay day with me!! Making me second guess myself at every turn, over analyze my every move, and live in fear that I was on the wrong path.


I thank God every day that through this all - I had my coach by my side - week after week.

Without her, I have no idea where I would be both personally or professionally.

Probably still stuck, lost, confused, taking two steps backwards, and paralyzed by all the jibber jabber going on in my head.

But, thankfully, with the help and supported I needed - here I am - on the other side of the valley, learning as much as I can from this experience for two reasons;


-    So I can share how I got out of it – in case you too are feeling this way right now, beautiful.

-    So that the next valley that comes my way -  which I fully accept as a part of life, and a huge part of being an entrepreneur - I can allow myself to pass through it with less resistance, and with a lot more ease.


What I feel called to pass along to you; (!!)

1)    If you are feeling stuck, 9/10 times, it’s because there is a fear that you are resisting to face. Fear of investing in yourself. Fear of what other people will think. Fear of failure. Even fear of success (it’s a lot more common than you think! More on this one in an upcoming email). Until you decide that this fear no longer has the power to dictate your life any longer, this is as far as you’ll get.

2)    If you are feeling confused, unsure, and/or doubtful of yourself and your abilities - chances are, you are stuck inside your head - so stuck that you have started thinking too much, and not taking enough meaningful action. (Pretending to be busy, or doing the same things over and over with no results, or just doing the online freebies but never investing in a true course, program, coach or mentor are not examples of meaningful action).

3)    If you are feeling unmotivated to keep working on your dreams - you have either not yet discovered, or have forgotten, the WHY behind your business. Which will have a direct path to your soul’s purpose - your calling in this life. If these things are not connected, or you have yet to consciously discover what they are - you will have a hard time staying true to your journey, your goals, your dreams.


What you can do;

1)     Get to the deeper fear that is the root cause of your stuckness. It’s deeper than time and money - those are the excuses that mask the true fear. Grab a journal and write down what you think is stopping you from pursuing or continuing on the journey of your dreams. Then write “and then what?” and answer again. And again. And again. Eventually you will be able to pin point the actual deep seated fear beyond just the illusion of time and money excuses. Decide what the chances are of this “worst case scenario” actually happening are - and are these odds worth you giving up on your dream, and never knowing on your deathbed what could have been, if only you took a chance?

2)    There is one word I have for you beauty, if you are feeling doubtful of your abilities, and unable to move forward right now. ACTION!!! I know it’s not rocket science, but it is most definitely truth. You may feel too unclear or doubtful right now to believe that you can take any steps forward - but you can!! Make progress in any area of your life, and your confidence will strengthen that you can make progress on your dreams, too! Get back to the gym, start with 1x a week, build your way to 2x and so on. Take one small action in your business, even if it feels like a small dent in the grand vision you have. It will lead to your next step, and your next. Get more sleep. Drink more water. You will become more clear-headed, more energized to take more action, more confident as you take more action, and before you know it - MOMENTUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3)  When it comes to feeling unmotivated to keep working on your dream goals or you business, I’m almost certain you have lost track of the WHY behind this when you began. If your why for your business or dreams is about “getting paid” and “getting clients” - my beautiful soul sister, we need to have a heart to heart on the real reason you were inspired to move forward with this dream!!! Deeper than money, deeper than convincing people to hire you - is YOUR WHY!!! Which I know for a fact is connected to your life’s purpose. THIS IS THE POWER SOURCE behind the success of your business!!! If you don’t believe me, please trust me on this one. Find your WHY - Find your PROFITS!!!!!!!!! When you really and truly feel compassion and love for the potential client infant of you, more so than any agenda of getting paid or getting another client added to your roster - your energy will shift - and they will feel this. Prepare for profits the moment you learn what this is for you, and how to shift your energy in this way!!!!!!!!!!!

Beauty - you were meant for BIG THINGS in the world!!! A life of purpose, passion and fulfillment!! You know this is true for you, even if it’s a buried little whisper at the moment, otherwise you wouldn’t be here, reading this sentence.

It’s your time, beauty!!

You’ve likely had this sensation that you were meant for more, for YEARS - and it’s time for your training wheels to come off.

It’s time you live a life in total alignment with your soul’s passion.

It’s time you experience what it’s like wake up in the morning, and be too stoked on life to go back to sleep!!

To fully feel, experience, see and know ALL that you are capable of in this life!

To meet the highest and best version of you - the most purposeful, happiest, freest version too!


Gorgeous, I’m feeling pretty darn good right now.  And (if you’re not already!)  - It’s time you do too.


Follow Your Heart Always,

PS - If you are feeling ready to turn your soul’s passion into your dream business, I’m totally open to walking you through the process from getting even more clear on what your unique purpose, your power based WHY actually is for you, all the way to generating your first 6 figures in sales, in the first 6 months of your business. This is for the aspiring female online entrepreneur, ready to turn her purpose into her dream business, and impact the world with it!!! ~ And create a limitless life as a result. I’m down to 3 spaces left for Six Figure Success ~ The Purposeful Path to Prosperity - a program that I’m not yet certain I will ever be reopening again due to the level of energy and dedication it requires of me. If your heart is nudging you right now, beauty - be sure to click here right away!! You’ll find more details inside, and even an invitation to ask any questions you may have. Feel free to request a Q&A call as well, beauty. If this is meant for you, I’m here to support you along your decision making process. The world is waiting for you, beautiful…