I almost missed out on that exhilarating feeling of trying something new today and it got me thinking…

I decided to try a new gym here in San Diego as the first one just didn't have that "let's DO THIS" vibe that I feed off of during my workouts…and good GOD was it an awesome reminder of how powerful and reinvigorating it can be when you stay open to trying something new.

The gym itself had maybe the best energy of any gym I have ever been to. It has me feeling excited for my next work out, just because I get to go back there! If I had stayed stuck into my existing routine and what was comfortable for me, I never would have even known this feeling existed.

But the most eye opening part of my morning, was when I was just about to leave. I saw the battle ropes there and have always wanted to try them…but was too afraid of making a total fool of myself.

As I was putting away my weights and getting ready to leave I thought "ah heck, why not?!" and then immediately was like "no way!! this place is packed and they will ALL be secretly laughing at you!!"

So I kept walking.

And then gorgeous, I turned around.

It's these kinds of moments that subtly yet powerfully shape our entire lives. The moments when we give-in to fear/ego, or disempower it with 3 simple words…YES I CAN.


With all the ramblings of my inner critic in my ear ("don't do it! you're not strong enough! you'll fall down! everyone will laugh at you!"), I reached down, picked up the ropes, braced my body and started waving my arms in a rhythmic motion. I WAS DOING IT!!!!

And guess what…nobody was laughing. Nobody was even looking. Nobody cared about how I looked as much as my ego would have me believe in order to try and control me.

You can imagine how I felt walking out of that gym today…

And this is what I want for you, beauty.

A life where you do what excites you, IN SPITE of your inner critics' best attempts at keeping you still, small, safe, and STUCK.

Where you acknowledge it is just doing it's job, but you reply with a strong ROAR of YES. I. CAN.

Maybe it is only a squeak at first beauty, but nonetheless, you are giving strength over to your heart, and taking power away from the ego.

This is where dreams are made.

My strong and powerful soul sister, the next time something excites your heart, and then your head swiftly talks you into walking away…

I hope you turn around.

Remember, "YES I CAN"

…And just watch how your life begins to unfold so beautifully before your very eyes…

Follow Your Heart Always,