Has there been something weighing you down lately?

A weed tumbling around in the back of your mind that you just haven’t had time to pin point, or address?

Maybe you’ve been:

  • feeling low energy lately
  • finding yourself eating poorly, blowing off the gym, and hiding under winter clothes
  • feeling like there’s something missing in your life

I’ve gotta say, if you’re there right now beautiful, I totally get it. 

I remember once I made the decision that I was actually going to leave my 9-5 “sometime in the near future” - but having a hard time determining when - I kept delaying, procrastinating, and even when I was ready to, could NOT for the life of me commit to leaving. There was always one more reason to stay, delay, or wait until ____________.

And of course, we could apply this to any impending change in our life we are afraid or unsure of.

Finally a friend asked me what was holding me back.

I heard a stream of excuses pour out of my mouth, and even as I was saying them, I knew they were fears I had dressed up and packaged as ‘reasons’ I needed to wait just a little bit longer before stepping fully into my childhood dream wedding photography business.

It secretly got me curious. 

So I went home, and dug deeper and deeper until my wildest, worst case scenario fears that were lurking in the shadows of my mind finally revealed themselves to me.

And the result - pure liberation!!

You will understand what I mean by this when you do the exercise for yourself…

This can apply to any fears anywhere in your life. If you find yourself procrastinating, easily distracted, delaying, changing your mind or second guessing yourself constantly…there is a weed in your mind that needs pulling.

So let’s get to it! 

Click HERE for a free resource gift called the Freedom from Fear Breakthrough Exercise.

 I’ve made just for you, beauty. The woman no longer available to let fear run the show…


Follow Your Heart Always,