I just spent a 4 day weekend with my first love.


It almost felt like I was cheating a little bit.


But once the guilt wore off, I was exhilarated by each passing moment…


It’s been less than a year since I realized my true purpose in life, was not my first passion.


My first passion was photography.


We met when I was 8 years old, and I was given my first ever camera. It was from McDonalds, it was $3.99 with the purchase of a Happy Meal, and it was hot pink.


I loved that camera. We had so much carefree fun together.


And as the years went on, our relationship developed.


I had been in other jobs and thought I would stay married to finance for the rest of my life.


But the day came where I was invited to photograph a wedding - and thought I was all flustered with nerves and self-doubt leading up to the big date - the experience of photographing my first wedding was the most exhilarating, passionate, blissful feeling I had ever experienced in my life up until that day.


It was love at first click.


I realized that finance had never made me feel this way. We had some great times together, but we never had this kind of passion or chemistry…like time didn't even exist.


Because I have made a promise to myself to never settle for mediocrity in this short gift if life, I started making plans to leave, and on June 1st 2012 - I was officially free to be with photography full time.


The sensation was incredible. I felt like I was flying.


And I was - travelling the world with my camera to photograph beautiful couples in beautiful places, winning awards, creating new friendships and bonds all across the globe with similar passions and lifestyle. Feeling happy, energized, and excited by life…


But just 2 years in, I started getting that internal nudge again, that this wasn’t ‘all there was’ for me.




To be honest with you, my heart sank.


How could this not be good enough for me? How could I not be grateful with this life and continue to live it just as it was?


After a year of making myself wrong for wanting something else, something different - making myself feel guilt and shame and anger and frustration for not just being grateful for what I already had…


I decided to listen.


To pay attention.


To go deep and find out what this “something else” might be.


This led me to hiring my first coach.


James helped me come to the realization that - as much fun as I had living out my own childhood dream that I never truly believed could happen or exist in real life…


My true fulfilment would come by showing others how they could do the same.


In these last 8 months, I have felt all the same extraordinary amounts of passion, exhilaration and excitement as I did with photography, maybe even more - but the one MASSIVE newly added feeling I have from the work I do now - coaching/guiding/mentoring women to turn their purpose+passion into their dream business - is fulfilment.


Without a sliver of a doubt - I know when I reach my final days on this life’s journey, knowing I did everything in my power to positively and profoundly impact the lives of others in a way that resonates so deeply with my soul - then my job here is done, fulfilled, and completed. I can go to my final home with a smile on my face, and a full heart.


The reason I will never forget my first love, beauty, is because it gave me the gift of getting me here.


Of knowing that it’s possible to be so deeply in love with what you do.


Of creating your livelihood from your life’s work, in a way that lights you up in ways you thought only existed in fairytales.


My first love showed me that passion was possible.


And my purpose now is showing others the same.



Follow Your Heart Always,








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