Something weird has been happening since I started coaching and mentoring.

My intuition has gone from a little "coincidence" here and there, to full blown, freaking my clients out (in a good way!) on the phone during our sessions. Particularly surrounding the subject of their life's purpose, and ideas surrounding a new passion-fueled business for them. Half the time these ideas are things I myself have never even heard of before.

What some have been pondering weeks, months, even years about themselves and their lives, I have started to help unveil with my clients within an hour. Then 1/2 hour. And just this last week, within 12 minutes with a brand new client.

And to be honest beauty, it kind of freaked me out a little too.

I started to worry what people will think, if I begin to fully express myself. Even writing this to you now in all honesty, makes me nervous.

I decided to check in with a mentor of mine yesterday, and she reminded me that it serves no one to dim my light. Not me, and for certain, not you either.

She told me to OWN it.



I didn't realize I needed that permission beauty, but it immediately lifted a ton of bricks off my chest, and empowered me to step more fully into who I am, and what I am here to do.



And now I want to give that same gift, to you.

My deeply beautiful soul sister, where are you dimming YOUR light? What are those words you wanted to say to your friend, but didn't in fear of what she might think? Or that post on social media that took you several attempts to put out into the world? What part of you are you hiding from the man who loves you, worried he won't understand? What is that business you dream of starting, but just don't think it's possible? What is the life you wish you lived, but feel you just can't have?

What secrets are you hiding, from yourself, in order to prevent potential disappointment?

I won't be surprised if you have heard this already beauty, but it is always worth being reminded…

If no one has ever told you this before beauty, or even if you just need reminding… YOU. ARE. BRILLIANT. You are limitless. You are powerful beyond measure.

And you were meant to shine like the day is long. It is your purpose.

To touch lives in such a way, they will forever be changed. A way that only YOU can.

Have you ever been to a celebration of life, and it becomes practically standing room only? The place is just packed?! Was this person superhuman? Or was it someone who got out of their own way, to be of service to others?

If you need permission lovely, I am giving it to you now.

Forget the thoughts of small minds. There is no room for them in your big purposeful life. Get over your fears (and as my coach has lovingly reminded me to, "get over myself") so you can go out into the world full force, fully ignited, stand tall for what you believe in, and change the world because of it.

Own it.

OWN YOU. The fullest, brightest, boldest, BRAVEST, version of you!!!!!!!!!!!!

And as you ignite the flame in your heart, you will light the way for countless others behind you to do the same.

It's time for you to light up the world, gorgeous!

Follow Your Heart Always,


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