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I Realized that in My Final Days, I would rather have tried and failed

than to never have tried at all


I Realized that in My Final Days, I would rather have tried and failed

than to never have tried at all

If it’s possible for me, 
If it’s possible in the world, 
It’s possible For You!

I remember sitting in my day job thinking how I should be happy.

I had a career in finance, a house, a car, a handsome husband, and a cute little dog.  

I wasn’t born with any extraordinary talent, and I come from humble beginnings, but I had checked all the boxes that society told me would make me feel happy and successful.

Only they didn’t.

Something was missing, and I didn’t know what it was. I found myself thinking, “There’s got to be more to life than this.”

… More than being stuck in a windowless office, feeling trapped in my 9-5.

… More than living the same day on repeat, for years.

… More than feeling like a weaker, smaller, dimmer version of myself than I wanted be.

(Can you relate??)

And then, I had the experience that forever changed my life…

My uncle, who was like a big brother to me, was was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and given a few months to live. As I was by his side during this time, I realized I couldn’t wait until “next year” to go for my dreams because next year might never come.

I asked myself, “If I was given only one year to live,
would I be happy with the way I’ve been living it?”

And in came the resounding NO!!

It was no longer good enough to be sitting in an office at a soul-sucking job every day. 
It was no longer good enough to trade hours, days, weeks, and YEARS of my life away, for money.

When I realized that the time I have left on this planet is not guaranteed, “good enough” was no longer good enough.

I decided I’d rather take a huge potential pay cut, face a paralyzing fear of walking away from an established, safe career, and risk failing miserably… than to never know what could have been.

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When I was little I wished I had the power to predict the future

Now I Know I can Create it

When I was little I wished I had the power to predict the future

Now I Know I can Create it

I started listening to that inner voice -- and I took a leap of faith into the unknown.

Call it a nagging whisper, a tap on the shoulder, a feeling in your gut…

The message that says: “You’re meant for so much more” is from your SOUL!

And it’s trying to guide you to a life beyond your wildest dreams. A life filled with freedom, fulfillment, and happiness that is beyond your current comprehension.

I took a huge leap of faith to leave my successful career in finance to pursue my childhood dream of starting a destination wedding photography business.

It was the scariest thing I’d ever done in my life up until that point. And the absolute most exhilarating!

I had goosebumps running down my spine when I finished photographing my first wedding. It felt like time had stood still!

Instead of my worst fears happening, my biggest dreams began coming true.

My clients flew me to places on my bucket list like Australia, the Caribbean, and Hawaii.

I rose to the top of my industry and even won awards for my work. And then, at the height of my success as a photographer...

I felt that familiar whisper…
“There’s something more than this.”


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I want to see you be brave

I want to see you be brave

Yet again, I felt I should be happy. Now I had even created my dream job!

Little did I know at the time, the next level of my purpose was being born… I was being guided to help women around the world to live THEIR dreams.

  • Fast forward to today, and I’ve created a business rooted in my deepest sense of purpose. In just the first year of my business, I have…
  • Continually led sold out 1:1 Coaching + Mentorship Programs and group coaching programs, where I’ve helped incredible women around the planet to find and live their purpose.
  • Got featured in international media outlets and podcasts like It Girl Radio with Jessica Nazarali and I Heart My Life with Emily Williams.
  • Completely done a 180 in my life -- from feeling completely lost, to utterly LIMITLESS
  • Moved to my dream beach city of San Diego, and bought the car on my vision board!
  • Generated $250,000 my first year of coaching doing something that completely IGNITES ME and overflows my heart!

I didn’t have any head starts, I didn’t come from money, and I didn’t have any special degrees.

What I did have was bigger than all of that:
the courage to listen and act on my soul’s deepest purpose.

I help women like you discover your purpose and create your own limitless life and business, where…

  • You finally find answers to the questions, “What is that inner voice trying to nudge me towards? I feel like I’m meant for more, but what?”        
  • You feel on FIRE to light up the world with your purpose, your message, and your mission!
  • You can finally quit that 9-5 and start the business based on something that lights you up!
  • You can have the freedom to live and work from anywhere in the world.
  • You create incredible success and abundance in your life, while being a contribution to the world! (Because when we are inspired, it creates the environment for us to inspire the world.)

Ready to ignite the spark within and light up the world with your purpose?!

Sign up below for your Free Find Your Purpose Meditation & Workbook.

Find Your Purpose Audio Training + Bonus Workbook ~ For the Woman Ready to Escape the 9-5

Inside I'll reveal exactly how and give you exactly what I personally used to:
* Discover your unique voice and gifts (yes, you have them!!)
* Reveal your soul's true passion
* Get clear on what your dream business could be, so you can finally leave your 9-5, and live life on your own terms

If you have that inner feeling you are meant for more, that you're ready to live limitlessly, this is for you, beauty...

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A Candle Loses Nothing By Lighting Another Candle

A Candle Loses Nothing By Lighting Another Candle

Confession Time

Let’s get to know one another better, beauty! Here are a few of my confessions… what are yours?

I was a little hustler as a child, often finding ways to create my own money. I had lemonade stands, sold homemade greeting cards, and offered to deliver flyers for my mom’s business until I was old enough to get my first paper route.

I was raised by my single mom in an old basement suite -- we shared a bedroom and she used the other one to start her own esthetics business. We had no income backup plan or financial support or any kind. The courage that must have taken still takes my breath away.

I am a recovering perfectionist and workaholic. My kindergarten teacher was the first to notice this when I would be super upset at myself for coloring outside the lines. I’ve since turned towards peaceful prosperity as a way of loving (and truly living!) my life.

I have loved all things metaphysical for as far back into my childhood as I can remember. I have also felt particularly close to angels and mediums -- often going for readings, watching them on tv shows, or reading about near death experiences.

I’ve always known I was intuitive, but once I began coaching, I connected to my abilities more deeply. These gifts have helped me swiftly tap into my clients’ purpose, channel ideas to them that I have no idea where they are coming from, feel what they feel in my body, or know when they are off-path (even if they don’t realize it yet)!

I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur from a young age, and went to college because I thought you “had to” in order to be successful. When I realized what I was learning in university had nothing to do with being an entrepreneur in the real world, I made the hard decision to leave! This was the only time in my life where NOT investing in myself was the best decision I ever made.

I haven’t received an official paycheck in 10 years. Through my finance career, my photography business, and my coaching business, I’ve either been 100% commission-based, or completely self-employed.

I was scared sh*tless to invest in my very first life coach and then $25,000 USD into my business coach! These two terrifying decisions were completely life-altering and set me on the path of my wildest dreams.

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Just a small town girl from Canada who decided to go for it

Just a small town girl from Canada who decided to go for it

About Jennifer…

Just a small town girl from Canada who decided to go for it



She grew up in an old basement suite on Vancouver Island, where she shared a bedroom with her mom, who started her own esthetics business in the other bedroom! After years of intense hustling, her mom later turned that business into one of the most successful in her industry.

Though she had a passion for photography since a young age, Jennifer followed societal pressures and got a “safe” career in finance. At 22 years old, she became a full-time, 100% commission-based mortgage broker, and grew her business to generate over 6 figures in total annual sales.


She then felt the familiar “tap on the shoulder,” and followed her passion once again. This time, to helping women around the world find their purpose and live it.

Within a few short months of starting her coaching businessshe sold out her 1:1 coaching program, waitlisted her group program, and generated nearly $50k in sales in her first 4 months of business. In her first year, she generated over ¼ million in sales, helping women around the world discover their purpose and create their dream businesses.

Jen lives part-time in her dream beach city of San Diego and part time on beautiful Vancouver Island, Canada - but at feels at home wherever there is sunshine and salty air....

Thank you so much, Jennifer! I have learned SO MUCH about myself and how to grow my business so much faster than if I had tried to stumble through it on my own. You have saved me more money than I can fathom, and so much precious, precious time. For this I thank you immensely!!
— KL

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One day Your Life will flash before your eyes. Make Sure it's worth watching

One day Your Life will flash before your eyes. Make Sure it's worth watching